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DDM are serviced at our production facilities. The service facility employees are skilled technicians with more than 7 years experience.

Selection of the most optimal tools and quality engineering support of rock-destruction tools allow to optimize the well drilling process and ensure optimum drilling rate and shorten the terms of well  building. Application of our engineers’ knowledge and experience allows to use every drill bit as smoothly as possible,   raise rate of penetration and drilling speed, decrease number of pulling and running operations.

Traektoriya-Service provides horizontal and directional drilling engineering services. Engineering technological services with highly qualified staff provide monitoring of  high-quality hole drilling  varying complexity, from the directional wells with open hole 393,7-215 mm  to small diameter boreholes 120.6 mm. Our specialists have experience in complex operations, such as providing MWD services horizontal and directional sidetracking after cutting in from the cased hole (cement plug),…